Who? True Indie Movie is a new independent film distributor, largely shaped by the experiences of several indie filmmakers working with several different distributors internationally. Our goal is simple: to create a unique branded distribution outlet that both acts as a curator for audiences, and a supporter of unique voices.

Our model: 

  • Feature films: if a filmmaker joins our venture, their feature is to be packaged by our team with unique attributes for its distribution. We are only interested in very unique films, and will only be focussing on a small number of feature films each year. They are unlikely to be market-friendly (yes we want art house!) – and we expect this to be understood both by the filmmaker and our team (this is a home for films to be seen, not to be making endless profits off of – we don’t expect your feature to make a lot of cash, and nor should you). 
    • If successful on VOD/SVOD/AVOD, a limited presentation on Blu-Ray will be authored for your film(s), which will be available via Print on Demand. This release’s main target audience will be your hardcore fans, and not intended as a ‘new audience’ item.
    • We also welcome genre films, however, we will require them to have unique storytellers to make these products of interest to us.
  • Short films: time to knock the dust off of your short films. Our goal is simple: to group shorts into theme-based presentations or ‘film night’ presentations (more about these formats once we identify which your work fits into). These newly packaged feature anthologies will be released and credited appropriately. Short filmmakers will own a split of the revenue appropriate to their runtime contirbutions.

Not all films submitted to us will fit in any of our models, and our disinterest might not be representative of your project – but rather just our brand and goals. 

What is expected from a filmmaker: 

  • Credit-free short films – ie your film will not feature credits in it, as these will be added at the end of the anthology film presentation. Your delivery will need to meet this requirement.
  • All rights for music and sound featured in the film are cleared for distribution globally for commercial purposes. 
  • Non-exclusive permission to distribute your film for at least 5 years.
  • All rights for the people featured in your films, and the locations (if applicable) to be cleared for use in the film.
  • An acknowledgment that we (True Indie Movie) have no liability over your content – you are responsible for the legalities of your film. 
  • An acknowledgment that we (True Indie Movie) will be branding the films as we see fit for distribution. We will share these with you and even ask for your thoughts – but in order for your film to work for us, we will need to have the final say on this front. 
  • Some engagement with promoting your projects, even when part of an anthology. We will be in touch when this is necessary. 
  • An understanding that we are targeting a particular audience, but are expecting low returns – we do not wish to inflate someone’s expectations; however – we guarantee open and honest information concerning the royalties and streaming data that we will acquire (we will never edit these, unlike most indie film distributors). All of our ‘box office’ data will be available to our internal team, and to you.

Summary: What are we seeking? 

  • Unique feature films with a voice.
  • Short films which will fit into our current anthology types: horror, romance (both romantic comedies and romantic dramas), unusual stories told in a bold fashion (ideally maximum 12 minutes runtime). 

Please use our submission form to submit your film projects to us: Form

We look forward to seeing what you have to offer us. 


True Indie Movie team